Ahead of the start of the Trackmania World Tour, we’ve asked the players in our lineups a few questions so you get a better understanding of who our players are and how they feel about the now ongoing Trackmania World Tour circuit. This article is part 1 of 6 of our interview series.

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the Evo America lineup:

Player profile: CD

Hello CD, could you please introduce yourself briefly? What’s your first name and how old are you?

I’m Coleman, a.k.a. CD. In Trackmania, I’m a competitive member of Evo and event organizer for Evo, FastPoint, and Project Delta. In real life, I moonlight as a 23 year old doctoral student in economics.

What are you most excited about for this TMWT season?

I’m most excited to fully participate in a premier regional tournament for the first time. For those that don’t know, I’ve been the organizer for every edition of Trackmania American Open and assisted with several other regional events, which has limited my ability to participate in these tournaments. Getting the chance to focus on just playing this time around is very exciting for me.

What is your usual learning process and did something about it change now that the game switched to a 2v2 format with Duos?

I’ve competed in team tournaments for nearly 6 years (bwoah), so the 2v2 format will be familiar to me. The real challenge has been adapting my training from generally learning one or two maps at a time to learning ten at once (plus the campaign maps for matchmaking). It requires a different training schedule (and a little more motivation) to learn all the maps this time around.

What is your preferred style in Trackmania, for those that might not know you?

My preferred style in Trackmania is fullspeed. I’ve been competing in the style since early 2017, and I’ve been an on and off member of Evo’s lineup since January 2018.

How do you prepare yourself for a competition outside of actually training the maps? (e.g. specific diet, enforcing a sleep schedule, some sports)

Most global tournaments force me to wake up around 5am to warmup, so I’d say enforcing sleep schedules has normally been a big part of my competition prep. Outside of that, I normally spend the last 15 minutes before matches resting my hands and listening to music to get in the zone.

What makes you stay motivated/optimistic throughout competitions, even when things look dire?

I’m competitive, so losing matches does suck. However, Trackmania is a game where your performance is entirely in your control. As long as I train hard and play to the best of my ability, it’s easy for me to keep the mental up.

Who would you say is your biggest supporter? (Family, significant other, best friend, etc)

My biggest supporter is probably my brother. Even though he doesn’t play Trackmania, he follows my performances and has even stepped into the background to help put together stuff for some of the tournaments I’ve organized.

Which of the maps in the current TMWT map pack is the most unique or innovative in your eyes?

In terms of quality, I think Aeropipes and Flip of Faith stand out the most. However, the most unique maps in the campaign are probably Back’N’Forth and SlippySlides.

Which block in the game would you get rid of and why is it reactor boost?

I’d get rid of the Forced Acceleration block (reactor is actually useful in fullspeed). I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it used, and I doubt it was used well.

Where can fans find you on Social Media? Any final shoutouts?

You can find me on twitter at @AlsoColeman, or on Twitch at twitch.tv/alsocd.
Final shoutout to Phenom <3 Sent my first message to him in January 2018, and I’ve been a member of the best community in Trackmania ever since.

Thanks for taking your time for this short interview!

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