Ahead of the start of the Trackmania World Tour, we’ve asked the players in our lineups a few questions so you get a better understanding of who our players are and how they feel about the now ongoing Trackmania World Tour circuit.
This article is part 2 of 6 of our interview series.

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the Evo America lineup:

Player profile: DontCare

Hello DontCare, could you please introduce yourself briefly? What’s your first name and how old are you?

My name is David “DontCare”, and I am 22. I have been playing Trackmania since 2014 and have been hooked ever since!

What are you most excited about for this TMWT season?

Playing in an iconic duo with CD! Can’t wait for people to be confused ­čśÇ

What is your usual learning process and did something about it change now that the game switched to a 2v2 format with Duos?

Usually when I learn maps, I like to play them all for about 30mins each. Next, I will usually go and play my favorite maps for a while and try to get consistent on them. I’d say most people I know, know me for fast learning and consistency when playing maps. I will definitly not be the fastest, but if I am trained, I can pretty much never crash!

What is your preferred style in Trackmania, for those that might not know you?

Fullspeed for sure! I love tricky, long, and transitional fullspeed. I’d say a few of my favorite maps are Sunset Overdrive and Deep Fear!

How do you prepare yourself for a competition outside of actually training the maps? (e.g. specific diet, enforcing a sleep schedule, some sports)

Mostly just trying to get good rest and eat something before the match! Always sucks to play with tired eyes!

What makes you stay motivated/optimistic throughout competitions, even when things look dire?

There have been times I lost motivation due to certain situations, mostly due to IRL things getting in the way. I think in order to stay motivated you need to keep the big picture goal in mind, but always shoot for those short term goals. I remember playing against reWals Gold in the last fullspeed competition – they played an amazing match and beat us, but I was still having a lot of fun because for me I played some good, consistent rounds. Its all about looking at the bright side of things!

Who would you say is your biggest supporter? (Family, significant other, best friend, etc)

I’d have to say my girlfriend, she always supports me when I stream! And supported me when I played in any editions of Fullspeed Of The Week.

Which of the maps in the current TMWT map pack is the most unique or innovative in your eyes?

I’d say the most unique one is Parkour. I love the transitions and the bits with the beams. It may be a challenge, but this map has some really cool stuff in it. The end is rough though :X

Which block in the game would you get rid of and why is it reactor boost?

Reactor boost for sure, personally don’t enjoy them. Only exception is probably in maps by That_Ski_Freak.

Where can fans find you on Social Media? Any final shoutouts?

Shoutout to Evo for their awesomeness! Going to Germany to meet the peeps was an experience I won’t forget! Even though we had just met, it felt like we had all been friends for years and could easily talk and have a good time. Can’t wait till I see those people again!
You can find (rarely) streaming on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/dontcare_tm

Thanks for taking your time for this short interview!

In Part 3 we will introduce you to the Evo Black lineup, competing in the EU regional tournaments.

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