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 Founded in 2017, we are one of the biggest Trackmania communities around. We offer currently 18 game servers in Trackmania² and Trackmania (2020) with specially developed software like our server controller EvoSC for our needs. In the future, we plan to offer servers for many more games. And also hosting cups and competitions. Have fun!

Our website is currently in development. Sorry if it looks a bit empty and if some things are not working.




Trackmania 2020
TM2020 Fullspeed Beginner
TM2020 Speedfun/Funspeed
TM2020 Ice
TM2020 Fullspeed Short
TM2020 Fullspeed Advanced
TM2020 Tech
TM2020 Dirt
TM2020 Fullspeed Rounds
TM2020 All
Trackmania 2
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Monthly Donations Goal

22 / 50€

Top Donations this month

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Top Donations all time

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bsp 100€
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Rasieraparello 10€

Find your game account in order to attach the donation to it. You must have joined one of our servers at least one time already. You can leave this blank for an anonymous donation.

Our services are free for you to use, but they do provide costs for us. With a small donation of just 1€ (or more if you'd like), you can help securing Evo's future!

The Evo services offers you:
  • A bunch of Trackmania 2020.
  • A bunch of Trackmania 2.
  • A 6-core, 64Gb DDR4, SSD, 1GBit/s dedicated server located in germany.

Thank you for your support!